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Avvo SEM Landing


Increase awareness of Avvo's Ignite product lines.

Marketing was putting together an SEM campaign to create more awareness for the Avvo Ignite product line. Part of the campaign was to create landing pages that would tell consumers about the product and get them to request a demo.

My Role

Partner up with marketing and design SEM landing pages.

After marketing supplied content, I had a good idea of messaging hierarchy and design. This project reminded me of Steve Krug's book Don't Make Me Think — the 5-10 second test, focused messaging, clear CTA etc.

I posted my sketches in Dropbox, and, after some feedback, I took the sketches to hi-fidelity. Once approved I provided any assets needed to code the page.


Delivered landing page designs to marketing.

Marketing successfully integrated the landing page design and continued to tweak headlines/copy for A/B tests.

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