Chris L. Davis


Resources for site design via 2021

Just sticking with the basics here, HTML/CSS and JS. I could have picked up a JS framework and started fresh. But for my purposes and for the sake of time I decided to stick with the fundamentals.

When updating your portfolio, it's not a good time to try out a new framework. Below is an updated list of resources used to help me refresh my site.

Sarah Doody - UX Portfolio Formula


Josh Comeau - CSS for Javascript Developers


Netlify/Github - Deployment and DevOps


Resources via 2013 site build

Below are some resources I used at the time, looking back on this list now feels nostalgic.

Copy edits

Molly Gardner — Writer and all around awesomeness

Molly helped me structure my project stories and revisions - Thanks!


HTML5 BOILERPLACE — The foundation

Great foundation for starting a new site / prototype.

This Is Responsive — Grid Block

Used the responsive grid block for my main portfolio pages.

Flexible Math — Responsive Design

A quick way to get pixel widths in percentages.

Modular Scale — by Tim Brown

Achieving harmony.

Font Awesome — Font Icons

Icons used throughout.

CSS-Tricks — Drop Caps

Drop cap used on my landing page.

WUFOO — Form Builder

For the contact form - applied custom CSS.

HSL Color Picker — Editing colors

Experiment with color.

HEX Color Tool — Lighten or Darken

Used to simply lighten or darken a color.

Responsive Nav Patterns — Responsive Design

Referenced to help me decide on the type of responsive nav.

Content Slider — Responsive Design

Fully responsive slider I used to display my work.

ImageOptim — Image optimizer

After exporting all my images from FW - I ran them through ImageOptim to reduce.

Typekit — Typography

All fonts are served up via Typekit.

Responsive-Nav.js — Navigation

Used for responsive primary navigation.

Full page background — CSS-Tricks

Get the full page image

Adobe Fireworks — Image Editing/Export

Quick hi-fidelity mock ups and image editing.

Paper and Pencil — Sketching

Everything starts with a simple sketch.

Reference material — Mobile design course

I knew this site needed to be responsive - responsive course got me up and running quick.

Combining Typefaces — Typography

Referenced for find a good type combination.

Hardboiled Web Design — HTML5 CSS3

Always on my shelf for reference.

What makes a good UX Designer — UX Evaluation

Influenced me to write a story about each UX project.

Portfolios of the past

2012 — UX Designer

Case studies and agency work from previous employers, Avvo, Microsoft and Agencies.