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Avvo invite / endorse network


Increase the number of lawyer/doctor endorsements.

Peer to peer endorsements it a great way for attorneys to promote one another. It can also help consumers looking to hire an attorney — knowing they are well respected among other attorneys. Avvo has over 95% of US attorneys in its directory. We wanted to increase the endorsement network.

My Role

Iterate with team and provide design direction on where to integrate.

We discussed some ideas and crafted up a list of associations that could be used to produce a list of “people you may know.” Development figured out how to make the connections, and I proposed how/where to display them. In this version, Avvo would make these connections for users, based on profile data, and “people you may know” was automatically generated for users to endorse.


Lawyers discovered and recognized more colleagues.

The endorsement rate went up and lawyers were leaving multiple endorsements per session. Featuring a "people you may know" widget throughout the logged-in experience was getting noticed.

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