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Avvo payment request and docusign


Learn how attorneys send payment request and fee agreements.

As part of the product offering we wanted to allow attorneys to send their clients a payment request that included a fee agreement. First we had to learn the attorneys’ current process and decide if an alternative was worth building.

My Role

Quickly develop some artifacts to assist user research.

I started writing some scenarios (Kim Goodwin scenario to sketches) of the attorney / client interaction and reviewed with the team. We needed to see if our intuitions were correct by interviewing a few attorneys. During the interviews our researcher would walk through the sketches and ask the attorney about his/her processes for payment and fee agreements. The sketches helped facilitate the conversation and allowed us to gather valuable feedback.


Lo-fidelity sketches and interviews kept us from building the wrong things.

The interviews allowed the product team to decide what to build and kept development from building unnecessary functionality. A simple sketch can go a long way.

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